Finnish guests on Strázsa-hill

On the invitation of B&K Kft. delegates of the Finnish company OY ELTETE AB visited to Monor for 2 days. We’ve been in not only business but personal contact with them for long time, so this meeting can be considered as a result of our good cooperation. Moreover the special cause of the visit was, that the company of our Finnish friends is 30 years old this year as well as B&K Ltd. is celebrating 15th anniversary of its foundation this year.
The program started from Nyerges Hotel on Friday, our guests visited wine cellars of György Lukácsy, Sándor Orlik and Lajos Hanzelik, travelling from cellar to cellar by horse-pulled coach.
In the cellars the guests participated in real hospitality, meeting tradition of the Wine Order. The program continued in the cellar of György Czeglédi with dinner and dance, entertainment was provided by the Band Csereforgó and the Folk Dance Group Strázsák.
After the cheerful Friday afternoon 10 people of the Finnish guests took part on the 2nd Strázsahill Amateur Field Bicycle Race on Saturday (II. Strázsahegyi Tekerő Amatőr Terep Kerékpárversenyen) then in the afternoon on the Orban-day Fest they presented a short program for the audience of Monor. The program continued in the Bodor Wine Cellar, where the owner of the cellar made fantastic oven-roasted food for the guests. We hope our guests will remember this weekend, Monor and its wine producers with pleasure for long time.

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