Weekend of Wine Regions 2012, detailed programmes

9-10. of June, 2012

9th of June


The procession of the Hungarian National Wine Orders and a marching band, from the city center to the wine village. 

After the procession there will be a grand series of events at the wine village, and the guests will be able to choose wines to taste from any of the 22 Wine Regions of Hungary. 

A few of the vineyards present: Polgár, Bodri, Sterlik, Szeremley...

The local restaurants will make sure that the best cuisines will accompany the taste of wine. 

Parallel to the festival, on the 9th of June, from 10o'clock is the grand II. Coach-Driving Competition.


The band Ghymes (recipients of the Kossuth-award) is playing live  - FREE

In the two days to follow the guests of the festival will be entertained by street musicians, authentic folk musicians, folk dance presentations, competitions, veteran tractor exhibitions, costumed running competitions, concerts and fireworks. 

Beside the programs a flea market, a jumping castle and a handwork workshop are waiting for our guests. 

Monor Wine Village

Where all good things start!

Participating in the festival, rules of wine tasting

During the time of the festival vehicle traffic is limited in Monor Wine Village. There is no entrance fee for the festival. 

All the cultural and entertainment programs are free!

There is opportunity for wine tasting at the designated wine cellars. A sampling glass is required for the tasting. The glass is available for purchase at several locations at the festival, complete with a lanyard for the glass. The price for the glass and the lanyard is:....Ft.

The wines available for tasting are chosen by the respective wine cellars, payment is in cash at each cellar. 

Reaching Monor Wine Village

Monor's distance from Budapest is only 25 km in the South-East direction. The city is perfectly accessible by car, by bus and by train as well. 

Coming by car?

There will be designated parking places right around the festival locations, so the festival is going to be easy to approach on foot, just a couple of minutes walk from the parked vehicles. 

The easiest way to drive to the city from Budapest is to drive toward the Ferihegy Clearway, and approach the city from Main Road No.4. 

You can enter the festival from two separate directions
At the end of the clearway part of Main Road No.4, when one reaches the roundabout, one has to turn left, and reach the village of Péteri. When reaching the village one has to turn right and follow the road up until reaching Monor. There will be signs pointing to the free parking areas. 


After the Üllő roundabout one has to follow the Monor sign. There are two exits to the city from the road, it is advisable not to take the first (Centrum), but the second exit. Follow the exit road to the end. The road will diverge, follow the left-hand road. From the city center the festival location and the free parking areas are approachable from the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Endre Street.

Those approaching the city from the No. 0 highway, can use the Maglód exit, in that case they have to drive through both Gyömrő and Péteri. 

Coming by train?

Trains are leaving from the Nyugati Station, at a 20-60 minutes frequency. The ride to Monor takes 38-45 minutes. 

You can check the schedule here: www.mav-start.hu

There is no need to hurry home! The last train leaves at 23.21 for Nyugati Station, and at 23.25 for Cegléd and Szolnok.

The city center is only a 10 minutes walk from the train station. 

Coming by Bus? 

To the Monor city center buses are leaving from the Kőbánya Kispest subway station, at every 30-60 minutes. The ride takes 41-45 minutes. 

You can find the schedule here: http://www.volanbusz.hu/menetrend.php?menetrend=2200&dir=to&type=helykozi

Come by bus or train, the festival areas is not only accessible by cab or on foot, but by a small train, that will be working all the time. For adults it's convenient, for children it's fun!

Monor non-stop cab companies

Bali Taxi

Neo Taxi
20/236-40-00; www.neoteam.eu

Virág Taxi
20/212-22-12; www.viragtaxi.hu

At several places in the city, especially at the city center and around the train station we will set up information points, where we will be able to answer any question that might arise. 

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